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Apex Pool Service takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations.

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:

Pick Your Pool Service.

by Joseph Rusaw on 11/17/17

What qualities best describe the pool service you want coming to your Home.

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1. Mark Houston said on 11/18/17 - 07:41AM
Quality and friendly service.
2. Carl Williamson said on 11/18/17 - 10:10PM
There are several things I look for when choosing the right pool service company and that is that they stand behind its name, they shoot straight and do not provide any shadiness, the company is family oriented and Christian based and finally Punctuality is very important to me as I value my time and don’t want it wasted. These are only a few things I look for when choosing the right pool service company to service all my in-ground pool needs.
3. Owner said on 11/19/17 - 10:06AM
Thanks. Your feedback will help provide a more valuable service for others.
4. Steven Parkey said on 11/21/17 - 05:02PM
I have known Joe for a few years now and find him to be polite respectful and honest. Joe certainly values your time and your business.
5. Bryant said on 12/3/17 - 07:29PM
I can second what Steven said. Joseph truly cares about people. A good guy to have on your side.
6. Jo jo said on 12/16/17 - 06:01PM
You guys are awesome. Thanks for feedback.

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